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We really appreciate all your support, thank you very much. 

 Jamie H.

Discipline: Show jumping

Britta worked on my jumping horse after I found he was sore in his shoulder and wasn't moving like himself even with some time off. 

She watched him walk and was able to see where he was restricted. After an hour of thorough massage she was able to loosen his shoulder and stretch. 

The next day I rode him and he was completely back to him self, it was amazing!!

I will definitely have Britta work on any of my horses in the future. 


Jill M. 

Discipline: Show Jumping


Britta is very professional, and is wonderful with the horses!

She works with you to address stiff and sore areas on your horse, and is very calm and insightful when correcting these problems. She also gives you exercises to help with your horse's problem areas. Overall, my horse and I both love the work she has done!