Equine Movements is offering soft tissue massage and vertebrae realignment. The muscles off the equine body are all interconnected and a full body massage is a effective way to target those areas. Equine Movements has integrated the vertebrae realignment into the massage therapy which sets us apart from others. What makes Equine Movements unique is, that there is a constant communication between the horse and the therapist. 

Equine Movements also focuses on continuous learning to provide the best service for you and your horse. 

Rates for Massage Therapy

Classical Equine Massage Therapie
  • Initial Visit                                   $120 (incl. GST )

  • Follow ups                                    $100 (incl. GST )

Saddle Fitting        
  • Basic english saddle fitting        $20 (incl. GST )

Rental Fee's for ArcEquine
  • Minimum rental 2 Weeks       $140 (incl. GST)

  • 3 Weeks rental                           $200 (incl. GST) 

  • each additional week.               $  50 (incl. GST)

Travel charges may apply
Payment Options

For your first visit please fill out  both forms and take them with you to your first appointment. You can also email or fax them whichever is convenient for you. 

Equine Movement Waiver - Form 

Equine Movement Intake - Form