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Equine Movements is dedicated to work as part of a wellness team  to improve the physical performance, and well-being of your horse. What sets Equine Movements apart is the commitment for continued learning. 


Massage therapy as well as Vertebrae Realignment therapy not only enhances performance of the competitive equine athlete, but also assists in rehabilitation of the injured horse.

The massage increases range of motion and as well as blood circulation and drainage of the lymphatic system to help the body to heal itself. Horses with arthritis benefit from the increased levels of lubricating fluid within the joints triggered by a thorough massage treatment. Equine massage  also contributes to a horses' reduction in stress level.

Vertebrae Realignment focuses on the relationship between vertebrae column and nervous system.  For example , reduced mobility between two vertebrae can affect the nerves that leave the spinal system cord between these vertebrae. Alteration to the nerves can lead to problems such as pain, abnormal posture or poorly coordinated movement. 

The Vertebrae Realignment (VR) Technique is used to feel the difference between muscle tensions and/or bone misalignment. Vertebrae Realignment is done after a massage. The massage is loosening up muscle tissue which makes it easier to work on the skeletal structure. 

It does not replace traditional veterinary medicine, however it can provide an additional means of assessment and treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal disorders.

It is a natural way to promote physical condition as well as a state of wellbeing.